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Production Update 2/18 & 2/19

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All Map C shift report as normal 2/18/21

Map L1 and L2 production has canceled A shift for 2/19/21

All TL and above report as normal

All Stamping, IOD, Service report as normal.

No Stamping Delivery drivers report and no CCC associates report.

All B shift report as normal on 2/19/21

Associates must submit for PTO PO or Shutdown



ELP C Shift cycle counters will report at 5:30 am Friday 2/19/21

All Other C Shift associates will report as normal

ELP A and B Shift Production is canceled for Friday 2/19/21

A and B Shift Stamping report as normal Friday 2/19/21, DH’s and above are to report as normal for all shifts.

All associates and leadership who were scheduled for the Full Building scan this Saturday are to report Friday 2/19/21 morning at 5:30 AM

All exempt associates are to report as normal.

Associates must submit for PTO PO or Shutdown



Map Bulk receiving DH and above report to work as normal

Bellefontaine, PLS, & New Model, and KDX report as normal



Todos los del turno C MAP se reportan normal 2/18/21

L1 y L2 MAP producción se cancela para el turno A el 2/19/21

Todos los TL y nivel superior se reportam normal.

Los de Stamping, IOD, Service se reportan normal.

Los Stamping Delivery drivers y los asociados de CCC NO se reportan

Todos los del turno B se reportan normal el 2/19/21

Asociados deben pedir PTO PO o Shutdown



ELP turno C los cycle counters se reportan a las 5:30 am Viernes 2/19/21

Todos los asociados del turno C se reportan normal

Turnos ELP A y B Producción cancelada el viernes 2/19/21

Los turnos A y B en Stamping se reporta normal viernes 2/19/21, los DH’s y nivel superior se reportan normal a todos sus turnosTodos los asociados y liderazgo que estaban en itinerario para escanear Full Building este sábado se deben reportar el viernes 2/19/21 a las 5:30 AM

Todos los asociados exentos se reportan normal

Asociados deben pedir PTO PO o Shutdown



Map Bulk receiving & DH y nivel superior se reportan a trabajar normal

Bellefontaine, PLS, & New Model & KDX se reportan normal

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